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Display LED

Key Ingredients

1. 1 the Home Screen: This Is The .internal Storage Of Modules And Components Used Other. As a display unit All components The structure is steel.

2.1 Protective System: The structure of the shielding signal outside is very disturbing as a good enough protection.


    1. Material of the cabinet used for assembly : It is a box steel box. It is a quality aluminum carbon steel.

     Fiber, magnesium alloy, nano-polymer materials are components.

    2.   Types of Boxes: Boxes used for LED displays are waterproof.

        High performance

     3. Aluminum cabinet picture



The principle of aluminum cabinet. 

Rack Server is a device for communication. Or various electronic devices just talking about it, we are reminded Rack cabinet used để máy tính vào máy tính mà có thể là máy chủ máy tính rack Rack  is designed to put the device on which space is limited. Orderly And easy to manage. Many different equipment management. It also helps to save some resources. 

Trong Thailand, nó đã có bắt đầu để sử dụng more. Most likely to be found. Comprehensive computer centers, telecommunications service providers, or internet users throughout.


  • LEDs for "power adjustment" allow the user to see the various loads in the circuit, reducing the chance of over-voltage. Circuit breaker with unintentional
  • Load information on the front of the rack. No need to check each wire at the back of the cabinet (Hot Isle)
  • Optional branch circuit monitoring helps facilitate network load monitoring.
  • EIA 19 "rack space is only 3U (or mounted on the wall).
  • Customers can install and make changes without having to get service from a qualified electrician.

3. LED Display Properties

The screen has special features. The screen is displayed primarily as the right part. The connection connects all to the entire box.

The cabinet structure of the LED cabinet is all hinges. Can open both top and bottom. In case of need to repair and maintain internal components. Built-in waterproof

Installation: Suitable for outdoor or outdoor installation.

Advantages - is easy to install, has a long life.

Disadvantages - Expenses may increase in case of need to install more spec. 



3. LED display cabinet structure

The most commonly used LED display is the LED screen on each side. Bị dùng để hiển thị màn hình.

Structure: Steel Structure

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