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  1. Use arrange

This technical manual applies only to outdoor P10 (32 * 16) swept four double-color unit board。

Product Description

2.1. P10 outdoor double color unit swept four plate: PCB (circuit board)

2.2 PWM signal is driven by a yellow LED

 Formation of 16,777,216 colors transform, can display images and text information                                       

2.3 Features unit board;

● Use super bright LED and high quality plastic parts

● high contrast display can achieve good results

 ● Weight easy to install, remove '

 ● Constant-driven LED, light uniformity, low power consumption

● pixel pitch of 10mm, a total of 32 * 16 pixels, each pixel composed by yellow lights





2.4 Unit board Pictures



 3.1 LED parameter



















3.2 Screen Specifications:


Screen Specifications

Max consumption

400 W/㎡



Viewing distance


Death rate

Less than 0.00001



Average consumption


Viewing angle


Vertical angel


Module specification

Pixel pitch


Pixel density



32x16=512 Dots

Structural features

Led and IC in Separated pc

Pixel composition


Driving method

1/4constant current

Input voltage


Sets material

PC polycarbonate material


738.5 g

Module power




Max current


220VS witching power supply with the number of load

System specificaiton

Frame Rate

>60 frames / sec.

Refresh rate



Computer control, point by point correspondence, video synchronization, real-time display

Brightness adjustment

256 manual / automatic


3.3 Electrical parameters


Electrical parameters

Power input voltage


Depending on the actual need

Power Input Frequency



Power Electrical Specifications

5V*30A 40A 60A 80A


Data transmission channels

UTP cable


Data transmission distance

GB network cable 100m, multimode fiber 500m, 20km single-mode fiber





≤90%  RH

Ambient temperature


Storage Temperature






Control Systems

Synchronous Control System

Computer Configuration

Following conditions are met; motherboard must have at least two of the PCT and slots and a PCI-E slot; has two USB ports; equipped with a DVI output interface requires a separate graphics card


6、960*960 Specifications Cabinet


6.1 960*960 Simple box (excluding module - Cabinet thickness 77mm, weight per square 9.75KG)


    36 160 * 160 outdoor P10 module assembly to 960 * 960 simple box on     Cabinet frotn diagram


6.2 960*960 Full waterproof box (excluding module - Cabinet thickness 120mm, weight per square 17KG)

36 160 * 160 outdoor P10 module assembly to 960 * 960 fully waterproof box on   Full waterproof box side effect diagram       


Other Cabinet Specifications:

7. Circuit schematics

Cabinet name


Front access simple cabinet


Front access simple cabinet


Flight cabinet


8. Unit board accessories

Outdoor double color P10 4 sweep unit board spare parts






Constant current(窄体)





Outdoor full color red tube


Outdoor full color green tube


Outdoor full color blue tube


Data cable


Power cable

Red and black5V/27CM(2.5㎡)


9 Display installation and precautions

  LED products and CMOS tubes are sensitive to static electricity, the need to pay attention to the use of electrostatic surges can damage or destroy the product, please contact with the product workbench with a conductive pad through a resistor to ground station; tip soldering iron must be grounded.9.2

9.3 The main display and the shell should maintain good grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms lightning and achieve the purpose of preventing accidental electric shock accident. .

9.4 Installation environment should avoid strong electromagnetic equipment9.5 Connected to the power supply line (5V) the number of individual power outlet module serial port group should not exceed the load capacity of a single power line, typically a single load 2.5mm² power cord 11A (i.e., generally no more than 4 cell plate), otherwise the end of the module because the voltage decay, resulting in decrease in brightness。

9.6  To avoid stability problems due to the use of the power and influence of LED life and products, should pay attention to the use of power:

9.6.1 Module operating voltage of DC 5V, not direct access to electricity 220V, to avoid being burned module directly, you should choose a professional LED switching power supply

9.6.2 The DC 5V access module, you should pay attention to DC positive and negative points, you should use a millimeter to test whether there is a reverse phenomenon, re-energized, to avoid damage to the IC;

9.6.3 The output voltage of the power supply should be strictly controlled between 4.9-5.1V, in the course may not be adjustable voltage;

9.7  After the display body assembly, be sure to use a millimeters to test 220V AC line and the part of 5V DC line short-circuit, after confirmation before electricity without exception。

9.8  Power, if found shorted, trip, firing line, smoke and other anomalies appear, the test can not be repeated power, should be promptly troubleshoot

9.9 When energized, if LED Display Screen partial two lines or lines appear high brightness, you should promptly turn off the display power, check the power cord, cable is good contact; if not turn off the power, may cause IC burn smoke

9.10 LED display switching sequence: On-screen use - first turn on your computer, open the display power. When turning off the display - Turn off screen off, and then turn off the computer. Incorrect switching sequence, may damage the LED light board chips.

9.11 Try using dark tones picture as your desktop background, avoid opening screen, LED screen and instantly enter highlighted, white display state by a large current impact. Work, the screen should avoid prolonged freeze in some bright white screen, resulting in a sharp rise in the screen body temperature, IC and lamp life

9.12  Watch meet the requirements under the premise, we recommend the software's "brightness adjustment" function, the body will reduce the screen brightness to 60% -90% of its maximum brightness, the lower LED brightness, the light fades more slowly, the longer its life

9.13 When the installation is not pushed, squeezed, the pressure module device, so as to avoid damage to the device, affects the overall results

9.14 LED cabinet assemble diagram

9.15 Note the use of wet conditions:

led display cannot be used in severe wet conditions, especially in the resurgence of the weather, such as improper use and storage of the display will affect the normal operation of the switching power supply, thus affecting the normal operation of the on-chip LED module, or even damage to the chip (such as constant current IC and 4953, etc.); therefore recommended in the dry season, at least a week to open the display one day; within 60% ~ 80% RH relative humidity range recommended daily minimum to open display a times more than two hours to remove moisture on the display, the best time is between 7:00 am to 10:00 or 18:00 to 10:00; such as humidity above 80% RH or resurgence of the weather, it is recommended more than a day to play video 8H and night to shut the doors and windows related to preventing the resurgence of serious adverse night. In particular the resurgence of days, the proposed conditions can play 24 hours a screen;

10. Product maintenance

10.1 Welding LED lamp: It is recommended to use 30W of heated iron, the tip temperature no higher than 320 ℃,

Less than 5 seconds 1 times to complete the weld (; maintenance required twice, iron temperature required at 260 ℃, completed within 5 seconds;

10.2 Welding SMD chip: soldering iron temperature should be below 320 ℃, complete a weld in the 3S.

10.3 Main Chip Features

       74HC245 role: LED module or unit board signal input buffer and amplify the signal effect.

   74HC595, 16126 such as constant voltage constant current IC: LED driver chips, LED module or unit board column to four or eight lights work drive control IC.

4953 role: Line drive tube, power tube. Switching action, while LED is turned on or off mode

Group or unit board lateral positive supply 16 or 32 lamps.

74HC04 effect: 6 inverters. The decoder output signals to control the inverter, the protective effect.

74HC138 role: eight binary translation decimal decoder decodes the signal line.

  10.4 LED display learn about common signal

   CLK clock signal: in any case, when the clock signal is abnormal, the entire board will display disorganized.

The latch signal STB: In any case, when the latch signal is abnormal, the entire board will display disorganized.

EN enable signal: the entire screen brightness control signal is also used to screen blanking. Adjust the duty cycle as long as it can control the changes in brightness. When the enable signal is abnormal, the entire screen will appear not bright, bright or dark tailing phenomenon.

R \ G \ B data signal: color signal, when a color signal abnormalities, the display may lack color or steady

ABCD line signal: 4 scan signal can be as long as AB, 1/8 scanning needs ABC signal 1/16 scanning needs ABCD signal, control signal when the line is abnormal, the display will appear misplaced, highlight or image overlay, etc. phenomenon.

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